Product Info of Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Soak

Dr. Swaim's Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Soak
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Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Soak - These unique salts are usually found only in upscale spas and are Step 1 of Dr. Swaim’s Skin Care Plan. Dr. Swaim’s unique formula of lavender, rosemary, and other essential oils combined in a synergy of natural teas and botanical infusions provide an aromatic balance designed to promote the energizing scent of rosemary and the calm healing affects of lavender. These unprocessed, authentic salts provide maximum therapeutic effects with proven benefits for those who suffer from Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many other disorders. Exfoliate immediately after your soak and you’ll be amazed as the unwanted, dry skin washes away.. AMAZING RESULTS FOR CRACKED HEELS. Soak in salts twice weekly and enjoy!

NOTE: The pure white salts in color commonly found on your local store shelf are processed, removing the beneficial minerals. Our Dead Sea Salt Soak is off white in color and may contain brown specks which are the minerals or the herbal essential oils that make our authentic Dead Sea Salts so unique and that’s a bonus!
Dr. Swaim Demonstrating the Use of the Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Soak
Video of Dr. Swaim Demonstrating the Dead Sea Salts Exfoliating Soak