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Arthritis Pain Soap


Dr. Swaim's introduces ARTHRITIS pain relief soap, a lifestyle enhancing invention. This product represents a novel approach to addressing that aggravating and painful morning stiffness in your hands.

Our Pain Relief Soap infuses natural anti-inflammatories including Curcumin, Astragalus, Emu Oil, Celerey Seed and Pine Bark Extract along with Creatine and Horse Chestnut into a moisturizing Goat's Milk soap base designed to deliver the active ingredients directly into your painful joints while minimizing that debilitating morning stiffness, swelling and pain.

Use this soap throughout the day to improve and maintain your hand dexterity. Can be applied to any painful joint while showering so think back/hips/knees/shoulders.

3.4 oz bar or save with 6 Bars!

Keep a bar at every sink!

3.4 oz bar
6 bars at a great low price!

Tips for use--> run warm water over the affected area for a few seconds to dilate the blood vessels in the skin, then work the soap into a lather and massage that lather into the target area for 20- 30 seconds, rinse with warm water, use as often as necessary to maintain joint mobility and pain relief throughout your better day.

Proudly made in the USA

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